Welcome to our Cattery Bonbon Velu!

Bonbon Velu cattery breeds exquisite, one of a kind Maine Coon cats.

All of our males and females come from Old European Lineage Producing Proven World Class Champions.

Bonbon Velu cattery can offer you rare sized Mammoth Coons.

Maine Coons from Bonbon Velu cattery have Exceptional and Guarded Pure Genetic Lines.

Our kittens are sold only after reaching the age of 3 months, with a chip, as well as with all necessary vaccinations and documents. We necessarily make up a contract with the new owner of our kitten. We also give you an instruction for taking care of a kitten Maine Coon during the beginning of his life at a new home.

Our kittens are sold exclusively as pets. Our prices start from 2000$US (except the Special Offer).

So, let’s get acquainted, we are glad to welcome you in Bonbon Velu family!

Bonbon Velu Team


owner and breeding manager


shipping and expositions


trainee and kittens socialization


cleaning and care


public relations


strategy and development


representive in the US