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We are sure it’s not accidental that you are visiting us and you know for sure who Maine Coons are. It is one of the species of the biggest domestic cats which originated at the far distant North American continent.​

There are many legends connected with the appearance of this breed.​

One of them tells that Maine Coons appeared as a result of crossing cats with raccoons. It really seems to be true, considering the color of the maine coons – the most common is brown tabby – and their furry long tail. Of course, it is genetically impossible to cross cats with raccoons, but thanks to this legend, this kind of cats got its name – Maine Coons.

According to the second legend, Maine Coons are the descendants of the six Angora cats owned by the well known french queen Marie-Antoinette who escaped to America, fleeing from the French Revolution. These cats were transported on the ship “Sally” of captain Samuel Clough in the US state of Maine, along with other personal belongings of the queen. There they mixed with local farms cats, and as a result the Maine Coons appeared.​

The third legend states that Maine Coons appeared as a result of crossing of the cats from local farms with longhair and semi longhair cats brought by the Vikings in the 11th century AD. In this case, Maine Coons descended from the norvegian forest cats, that explains their harsh exterior.​

Each of these legends can be partly true. Anyway, Maine Coons originated in the american state of Maine. Due to the severe frost, nature endowed these cats with dense luxurious hair. Their broad strong leggs made it easy to move around in deep snow.​

This breed is also characterized by a large, massive head, strong chin, large and high ears with tassels on the ends, broad chest, the average length of the neck, thick undercoat. Typically, females weight reaches 6-7 kg, males – 10 kg. Emasculated cats can attend a much larger size and weight 15 kg. Lifespan of Maine Coons is 15-20 years.​

We would like to tell you as well about the Maine Coons character. It is nordic, that means their are calm and balanced. They are very friendly, affectionate, playful and curious cats. It is such a pleasure to own a Maine Coon! This cat will be pleased to take part in a game, but he will not disturb you if you are busy. The Maine Coons are big kids, so they will quickly become the best friends of the youngest family members. They quickly find a common language with the other pets as well.​

Maine Coons are contemplatives by nature. So they obviously need specially equipped places in your house where they can climb up to observe what is happening from a heigh. It can be a cat house, a tree, high shelves or simply high furniture. These cats are unpretentious and, despite of their size, do not need much space. Maine Coons are flexible, agile and excellent hunters.​

One more distinctive feature of Maine Coons is their voice. Who would have thought that such a giant could make such a melodious sound reminiscent the roar of the snow-covered american prairies. And the habit of touching water with paw before drinking Maine Coons inherited from their wild ancestors who were used to brake the frozen ice of North American continent.​

Maine Coons are incredibly clever animals. They are amenable to learning and training. They can use the switch and door handles if they can reach them, of course. Many of them like to stand up on their hind legs to look around. They are rapidly getting accustomed at their new home. Our Maine Coon kittens grow along with humans, they are very educated, used to tray and scratching posts.​

It is simple to take care of a Maine Coon. It is enough to comb their thick coat a time per week, without forgetting the tail. We recommend to feed your Maine Coon with feeds premium, as well as with crude and boiled meat. The main rule in Maine Coons diet is balance and vitamins.​

Our kittens are sold only after reaching the age of 3 months, with a chip, as well as with all necessary vaccinations and documents. We necessarily make up a contract with the new owner of our kitten. We also give you an instruction for taking care of a kitten Maine Coon during the beginning of his life at a new home. Our kittens are sold exclusively as pets.​

So, let’s get acquainted, we are glad to see you!