Anis G. Sfeir
Октябрь 13, 2017
Anis G. Sfeir. Dubai (UAE)

As soon as we saw the very first pictures of our Winston, all of our family fell in love with him. We felt that it was exactly the Maine Coon cat we dreamed of!
In the beginning, we were concerned about the transportation of the kitten to Dubai from faraway Europe. However, the professionals from Bonbon Velu cattery explained us all the details calmly and patiently, about all the process of getting our Winston. We didn’t expect it could be so easy and fast. It took us around 10 days to get the kitten of our dreams. Winston is a marvellous kitten who makes us happy each day. He is smart, educated, full of charm! Many thanks to Bonbon Velu, you grow amazing Maine Coons! We start thinking about getting a friend for our Winston…

Milca Vega
Октябрь 2, 2017
Milca Vega (Hague, Netherlands)

It’s been already three months since we have welcomed Wanila from cattery Bonbon Velu in our Cattery in The Netherlands. She is a healthy kitten which is developing very well. Wanila is well socialized by her breeder. She always wants to be with the family. Her temper is sweet and gentle. She is curious and naughty. Wanila loves the other cats in our cattery, she plays a lot with them. And she likes very much fetching with paper balls ?. We are very grateful to Cattery Bonbon Velu for the good care of Wanila at the beginning of her baby life and for trusting us as a her new owner. Thank you very much for this wonderful girl, we are really happy with her!

Alexia Moreira
Сентябрь 5, 2017
Alexia Moreira (Poitiers, France)

Venise 5,9kg est de très bonne compagnie, adorable, rempli d’amour, très câline et très joyeuse. On ne s’ennuie pas avec elle, elle est pleine de mystère. Pelage très doux et brillant.. l’animal de compagnie idéal ! Merci à Bonbon Velu pour mon trésor!