Sara and Andrew
Ноябрь 18, 2017
Sara and Andrew - San Antonio. USA.

What to say about Gucci? We love her!!!
We got her on Tuesday and she has been spoiled since her arrival in Texas! She is simply magnificent, from her looks to her disposition, everything regarding her is exactly as Miss Olga and Miss Catherine told us she would be. We had a wonderful experience with them! Thank you again!!!!!

‎Christine Persyn
Октябрь 30, 2017
‎Christine Persyn. Alicante, Espagne

Il y 7 mois que Vagner Love du Bonbon velu a quitté sa maison natale pour venir couler des jours heureux avec des nouveaux copains en Espagne à la Costa Blanca. Môoman a eu bcp de stress …. Elle aurait pas du….car le voyage c’est super bien passé et je suis arrivé en pleine forme ? La semaine prochaine j’aurai 1 an …. je suis devenu la petite panthère que môoman rêvait, évidemment je suis un peu pataud car je pèse 10 kg pour 1 mètre. … Elle dit que cela fait partie de mon charme….. encore merci à Olga et Catherine de m’avoir confié Vagner cette merveille….

Carolyn Guarino
Октябрь 27, 2017
Carolyn Guarino. Florida USA

I am splendidly happy with my smoke boy, Xavier. He arrived very healthy, very loving, has a very unique personality. Physically he is everything I wanted, purrfection! Colors are vibrant. Eyes are goldenly clear, bright, and curious. Ears true to maine coons straight with tuffs of hair on the tips, paws? goodness, are you sure those aren’t snow shoes? Lol Yes he needs to grow into those ears and paws but thats fine by me. Thank you by the way for the nails being trimmed when I got him.

I’m in love he gives me so much attention… I get face rubs, kisses, facials, head butts, he has even held my face with his paws. When I pick him up sometimes I get human type huggs. All of these attributes can only come from excellent breeding choices and a healthy environment. I am more than Happy with my baby boy. If your looking for a beautiful baby look no further. I looked for so long. Then I found Bonbon Velu. I had became so tired of place after place, breeder after breeder telling me they had the pure bred, the best, there is a waiting list. Rude people. Then you start looking at their cats and kittens and you notice missing characteristics of a maine coon. Well none of those problems will you find here with Bonbon Velu. And I give credit where it is due they are very very patient and understanding. I am not an easy person to deal with. But they are professional and curtious. I’m grateful for them. And very very much in love with my Xavier

Nina Hawker
Октябрь 26, 2017
Nina Hawker, San Francisco, CA

I wanted to share a photo of my female. She is so elegant and Egyptian Sphinx like. Her tail is the most spectacular one I have ever seen. She is a one of a kind beauty!

Thank you BonBon Velu for keeping your breeding standards so high and for preserving the purity of the bloodlines. You produce outstanding Maine Coons!

Nina Hawker
Октябрь 25, 2017
Nina Hawker, San Francisco, CA

My two kittens flew in a few days ago, on October 25th, 2017. I took one glance and could not believe how gorgeous they both look. The female is outstandingly beautiful and elegant. The male is so handsome and unique looking.
Their looks are one of a kind. I have never seen such amazingly beautiful looking Maine Coons. Previous photos that were sent to me, didn’t do them justice. These are the topmost quality Maine Coons. What I found completely amazing for the breed, is how loving and affectionate they both are, and how they love to snuggle and purr. Clearly, they were raised with a lot of love and confidence building behavior. Both are very intelligent and responsive. THANK YOU to BonBon Velu for preserving such outstanding bloodlines and for breeding such beautiful Maine Coons. As far as I am concerned, BonBon Velu is the only breeder to produce such top world class Maine Coons. Thank you for sharing them with the United States!