Bernadette Vancouver
Август 2, 2018
Bernadette Vancouver Island Canada

Our beautiful fur baby is amazing and so is BonBon Velu. Not only did Catherine send us updates and pictures she was so thorough with feeding, litter box suggestions and playtime. She always emailed us back and answered all our questions. Barbosa is so cuddly and curious. We are so pleased with him.

Thank you BonBon Velu!

Carlene Baker
Июль 15, 2018
Carlene Baker Hanover PA

I received my beautiful kittens from Catherine and Olga July 8. I was amazed once I open the crate they were sent in and the kittens were so sweet and purring like crazy. They are adjusting well, they are beautiful and so happy to call them mine forever. I’m excited to watch them grow and I enjoy adding them to our family.

Stephen Evans
Май 20, 2018
Stephen Evans, Tampa FL

We received Grace in the Miami airport 3 days ago.

We were very concerned about the flight by Turkish Airlines and clearing customs. All went well, I did my own customs work and everybody in the airport was very helpful. As soon as we saw Grace we knew that she was special. Not only absolutely beautiful but such a sweet personality. She sat on my lap for the long 4hr drive, she wanted to be petted, and by time we got home she was sleeping right on my lap. We were already friends. Thanks Bonbon Velu cattery, it’s so exciting to have a new family member. Sincerily, Stephen Evans

Sandra Brueckner
Май 19, 2018
Sandra Brueckner, Alberta Canada

I received Christian Golden Tulip on May 7, 2018. He was exactly what his picture described and his level of affection and socialism was amazing. He is growing and developing beautifully in look, intelligence, personality and charm.

The overseas arrangement was a concern at first, but he arrived well. As he is not for breeding I did not need a broker but it is advisable to call anyway as it lets customs know what you are doing and bring all paperwork. It was a breeze clearing him through customs with prior notifications and papers and the fees were not outrageous but know there will be some, way less than I was quoted. Be specific on commercial or personal pet which ever applies. In just 2 wks Christian so at 4.5 months he is 18 inch nose to tail with an 12 in tail and weighs approximately 7lbs. He is well loved and enjoyed. Thank you bonbon velu Catherine and Olga for providing a beautiful boy for my family.

Rosemary Kenedy
Май 11, 2018
Rosemary Kenedy - Jupiter, Florida

Oh my boy Chance is Devine.

He arrived two days ago and is so loving. Thank you Catherine for your ever helpful patience with my millions of questions and worries. Just like you said it the travel internationally was a breeze.