Tillo Brendle-Ratcliff Elizabethtown
Январь 14, 2019
Tillo Brendle-Ratcliff Elizabethtown,Pennsylvania

We got our kitten last eve.and she is just spectacular and her demeanor is superb. Such a lovable cat and already fitting in with our other cat. The cat came here healthy and alert. Catherine was wonderful to work with. She was prompt in answering questions and handled the shipping with ease. It was my first experience with getting a pet internationally, so I was very nervous and anxious. But everything went well and we are all home and doing well. I would highly recommend getting a kitten from Bonbon Velu cattery. Very professional and curious. Thank you again Catherine and your family for this beautiful little girl and a great experience.Tillo

Shauna & Kerry
Декабрь 14, 2018
Shauna & Kerry, Foothills, AN

Our experience is no different than the other testimonials given. We had done considerable research and Catherine was the only Maine Coon breeder that we contacted that provided timely, professional and courteous responses to our questions and inquiries. She handled the overseas shipping/paper work and made it simple for us on our end. Legolas (a.k.a Slash) arrived relaxed and happy. Sweet disposition from the very start he had no problem adjusting and getting acclimated. Very impressive since we have 2 very eager high energy boys. He fit right in, litter trained, always choosing to spend time with kids, quietly finding his own space when needed and available whenever there is something to chase. Super well adjusted with an easy going disposition, not to mention stunning. He even patiently waited for our giant breed dog to get use to him. My 7 year just said tonight “Slash is the best cat a family could have. We didn’t even realize we needed a cat till we got him”. Slash’s demeanour is testimony to the care and attention that the folks at BonBonVelu give their kittens. We are certainly smitten with our kitten. Thank you for everything Catherine.

Jad, Pereira
Сентябрь 3, 2018
Jad, Pereira, Colombia

It has been 4 months since we welcomed Chad and Zangesa from BonBon Velu into our cattery. They are amazing and have grown to be wonderful. No problems what so ever. And the process was simple and Catherine was very helpful. Thank you ?

Август 31, 2018
Bridget, Fort Hood Texas

We got our Flint yesterday. He is the sweetest playful kitten. Catherine was very informative, always kept us updated on what was going on with Flint. She sent us pictures of him every month to show how he is growing until he could be with us. When We picked Flint up from the airport he was ready to get out the cage but he was so warming already. He gets along with our other animal and she loves him too. He is absolutely amazing. I’m so glad He is in our lives!

Jeff and Diane
Август 14, 2018
Jeff and Diane, New Jersey

We couldn’t be more thrilled with our new family member. Everyone in our family is amazed at how lovely of a personality she has, so gentle and a true bundle of joy.

Please relay our praise to your folks for raising such loving kittens, all we hear is how perfect she is, we agree completely ! The compliments on how she came from a cattery and was raised in such a loving environment just haven’t ended. Now we feel proud enough to take the compliment personally. She’s in a loving environment with nieces, nephews,Aunts ,uncles. Parents , Grandparents and friends alike are just are thrilled with her sweet adorable gentleness. She eating ,playing, using the litter box, just a lovable adorable kitten. She is happy. So that makes us even happier! Thank you very much Catherine for you experience with international shipping ! Holy Cow that’s a job in of its self. The pick up at the airport was delayed by three hours, but we just waited and enjoyed the company of two other couples that were waiting for their kitten from the same flight. Thank you for helping out on your end to release her directly to us, unlike the other couples that had to travel all over the airport terminals to get the correct paperwork for customs to release the animals. Catherine You have given us some of the best years of our life that’s yet to come with the enjoyment of our new kitten. Thank you Jeff & Diane