Июнь 12, 2019
San Jose, California

Thanks for everything. This was a great experience. I would love to share how great of experience it has been working with you. Three weeks later just wanted to say thank you for everything with getting these lovely kittens ( Nash and Nikitha) to the US for us smoothly. They are awesome and get along great with our other cat and dogs.
Thanks again,

JJ Nieves
Май 25, 2019
Corpus Christi, TX

I must say Catherine was wonderful and just a wealth of information when it comes to the whole process. I can’t say thank you enough to her. And since I believe that the best compliment anyone can ever pay to the breed or the breeder is to buy from them again, I will say, if I were to buy another kitten it would definitely be another Maine coon from Bonbon Velu.

Ann Reardon
Апрель 18, 2019
Wabush NL, Canada

Yannis travelled all the way to Calgary Alberta, he will be travelling then later this week to Wabush Nl. Yannis is such a beautiful natured cat. Very friendly and certainly loves belly rubs! He adjusted very well in our home and follows me everywhere. Catherine has helped me in so many ways taking on my new kitten. She truly cares for her kittens before and even after making sure everything went well with Yannis travels!

Kathryn Latta
Февраль 10, 2019
Kathryn Latta, Vancouver, Canada

Orion de BonBon Velu, or Arlo, arrived via cargo shipment one week ago. He is absolutely everything that Catherine described – playful, affectionate, adaptable, well-mannered, litter box trained, scratch post trained, and lovable! Not to mention as cute-as-can-be. Despite his long journey, he quickly adapted to my home and family within days. He spends his time playing with toys, following me around the house, and sleeping on my neck when he wants to cuddle. Catherine really takes her time to raise well mannered and adjusted cats. She called me many times, answered my many emails, supplied me with the names and numbers of references, and sent me many videos and feeding instructions along the way. This was my first pet purchased from overseas, and though I was anxious about supplying the funds upfront, Catherine was very understanding and patient through the entire process. Even after the kittens leave the cattery, Catherine continues to ask after her kittens, and worries about their well-being and health. She definitely cares! I cannot say enough great things about BonBon Velu Cattery, and the kitties they raise. The best decision I made was welcoming Arlo into my home. I’ve definitely become a customer for life.

Carrie Evans
Январь 15, 2019
Carrie Evans, Boise, Idaho

It’s been about a month since Lily has been in our home. She had no problems adjusting to her new home and new brother cat and sister dog , she is stunning beautiful, she is beyond sweet and cuddly . She is the perfect fit , I had spent time speaking with Catherine and finding the kitty that fit my life and personality and lily is just the best we love her so much my daughter adores her fluffy tail ! We had a few issues with courier but she was able to fix and make things right and assured me if I was to buy another kitten it would be better . Wonderful people to work with and wonderful kitten ! I can’t wait to show her ! She is already loving her lease and the outdoors ! Thanks so much for the best fur baby !