Welcome to our Bonbon Velu cattery that means ‘’fluffy candy’’ in French. We are a family cattery, who’s love and passion are these kind giants. Bonbon Velu Maine Coons are called ‘’Mammoth Coons’’ that means their exceptionally big size: 15-17lbs for grown up females and 33-35lbs for grown up males.

Bonbon Velu Maine Coons represent the Old European Lineage, from the proven World Class Champions. Bonbon Velu males are highly rated on different international cat shows, among them World Champions. All our Mammoth Coons are purebred, having their pedigrees with 4 generations of ancestors. You can also be sure about getting a healthy kitten, who is checked by the multiple veterinary services during the road to his new home, and arriving with his veterinary certificate.

We grow our kittens with daily care and attention. That’s why all our kittens are sociable, playful, friendly and affectionate. They are educated, use the scratch posts and the litter box.

Bonbon Velu is located in Europe. We are a FIFE member, and our kittens live in 9 countries: USA, Canada, Moldova, Russia, France, Netherlands, Spain, Colombia, UAE.

We’re inviting you to become a member of our Bonbon Velu family, sharing our passion for these amazing creatures!

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