It’s happening! Your dream is becoming true and your Maine Coon kitten will join your family very soon. What is necessary to know and to get ready for to make your kitten’s life more comfortable from the beginning and to avoid stress for yourself?

First of all, you should think of everything your future kitten will need for his daily life and buy it before he or she arrives. Here are some points to pay attention at.

 Nutrition: we recommend to feed your Maine Coon kitten with dry food for Maine Coon kittens until they attain the age of 18 months old. The brand of dry food we use is Royal Canin, it’s international and exists almost everywhere. But of course it’s not the only option – the important is the quality of the dry food you chose as it will impact your kitten’s health, growth and development. Dry food should be in your Maine Coon’s access all the time (just make sure to refresh it from time to time).

We also recommend to include in your kitten’s ratio raw meat. Particularly, what we give them is raw frostbitten chicken once or twice per day. It should be kept in the freezer, then unfrozen and boiled – in this way you will be able to avoid the parasites. Raw meat has an important impact on the growth of the kitten, on the development of his body and jaws. If you don’t have a possibility to give it daily, even several times per week will be useful for your growing up Maine Coon.

And another element of their daily nutrition is cottage cheese. As you know it’s an important source of calcium for the kittens. We mix it with raw quail eggs (not chicken eggs) and they eat it for breakfast with great pleasure!

All these are the options, but we highly recommend to privilege first of all a good brand of dry food for Maine Coon kittens, and later for grown up Maine Coons. No fish for this breed – it’s harmful for their stomach.

If shortly after arrival your kitten has diarrhea, pay a big attention to it. It can be caused by changings in nutrition, water, road stress. If this happens, you will have to avoid all the food except dry food and go to the veterinary. Diarrhea has to be cured as quickly as possible, as it decreases the immunity of the cat (and the animal can pick up any infection), and slows growth and development.

Litter box. This is another key element to prepare for your kitten’s arrival. Maine Coons are ‘’big kitties’’, so we recommend XXL size litter box for their comfort. Our kittens are used to wood filler – it perfectly absorbs odors and is not expensive at all. The litter box has to be without grid. We use bio litter boxes – very comfortable for the kitten and ourselves.


Cat tree, shelves, toys.  Even if Maine Coons are big cats, they don’t need much space. It would be great to prepare a cat tree, some shelves for your future kitten, from where he will observe you and the room. Any toys for cats will be nice – balls, mice, baws, etc. If you spend time with your kitten, play with him, he (she) will be happy anyway!

Hair. Most of Maine Coons are long or medium haired. You will have to brush your Maine Coon at least once per week, to avoid nods. It’s not complicated and can be done while, for example, you are watching TV. You can wash your kitten using a special cat shampoo after arrival, and  then there is no need to do it regularly – they take care of themselves.

Socialization. If you already have other animals at home, it’s not a problem. Our kittens are friendly and sociable as since they are born, they grow near other animals. Just your elder animals can hiss at the newcomer – it’s totally normal as from the beginning thee determine who is the chief of the house…When you arrive at home with your kitten, just put the crate in a room, leave it open and let your newcomer discover everything himself. You will have to show your kitten (if he doesn’t find it himself where the litter box is and where the bowl is, as well as the cat tree. All our kittens are educated, use the litter box and the cat tree.

A Maine Coon kitten arriving to your home is like a family member, a child, who will need a minimal part of your time and of course a lot of love and care. Maine Coons are loyal like dogs. They will not bother you all the time to play with them, they will just stay on your lap or nearby all family. We consider Maine Coons just perfect pets: smart, loyal and tender.

A Maine Coon cat will change your life, will make it special, creating an incredible atmosphere in your home, making it particularly warm and cozy. A perfect reason to get a Maine Coon, isn’t it?

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