Why are you looking for a Maine Coon? Probably, for the same reason as hundreds of thousands of other people who were charmed by these gentle giants.

Maine Coon is the most popular breed of cats in the World.

Why are they so attractive? Huge wild looking cats with dog personalities are the best friends for all family. Someone appreciates first of all their size, others – their nature. Let’s break the spell and let’s reveal the veil of secrecy.

First of all, Maine Coons are one of the biggest breed of cats. They continue growing and developing up to the period when they are 2-2,5 years old. By this time, they attain their maximal size. Bonbon Velu kittens grow in cats around 15-17 pounds for girls and 31-33 pounds for boys. Fully grown up Maine Coon males are like medium sized dogs. They have long, heavy bodies, large paws and muzzles, luxurious tails and long ears with pretty tassels. Girls are twice smaller than boys, but they still remain bigger than most of other breeds of cats. Of course, Maine Coons do need a special care to help them push their potential, but it’s very easy, and we’re always happy to help!

Secondly, we call Maine Coons ‘’dogs among cats’’ for their affectionate nature. Maine Coons’ personalities differ from most of the cats, who prefer privilege independence.

Maine Coons are full of tenderness. A Maine Coon is usually staying somewhere nearby you while you are reading or watching TV or working or playing with kids… They are curious, smart and can be easily trained. Just imagine your cat switching on/off the lights and bringing your slippers! They are easily trained to use the scratch post and the litter box. They can travel in your car or be your pal in many activities.

Bonbon Velu Maine Coons are grown in family. Since they are born, our kittens are surrounded by love and daily care. Thereby,our Maine Coons are very sociable, friendly, get along well with other animals and adapt quickly to new life conditions. So if you think about adopting a Maine Coon, but if you already have a fluffy friend at home, it’s not a problem.

Another reason to make a Maine Coon a part of your family is their charm. The contrast between their severe, wild appearance and their loving nature and tender voice can’t leave someone indifferent! These amazing creatures conquer you at a glance and make you fall in love with them from the first meeting. A Maine Coon just fills your house with its warmth and light positive energy.

And we will do all we can to make this experience one of the brightest in your life. Would you pamper your loved ones and yourself with one of the most mysterious and delightful creatures in the World?

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